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How the port of San Diego overcame CRM adoption issues

by Davin Wilfrid

April 19, 2010

by Davin Wilfrid, Managing Editor, ERP Expert

Adoption is a critical challenge for CRM projects, with many project failures blamed on low rates of adoption.

Our sister site CRM Expert recently published a case study by Jerine Rosato, Program Manager and Manager of CRM, San Diego Unified Port Distric. Rosato's team is still in the process of ensuring user adoption, but has met with many successes so far. In this excerpt, she explains why it is so important to engage your users at multiple levels to persuade them to use new technology:

Interruptions of day-to-day operations can slow a project. Build time into your project plan to accommodate these interruptions. Even if you have a dedicated project team, planning ahead for this time can ensure the overall success and acceptance of the project. Teams work best when they have solid deadlines and schedules.

However, if an understanding of the teams’ pressures and feelings are not addressed, morale and productivity can shift. New procedures and processes can leave many feeling unprepared and confused. Training helps, but it’s often more important than showing someone how to click here and fill in a field there. Some form of connection to the new system has to be shown. With SAP CRM, as an end user collects complaints and questions, it may be harder for the end user to find the “what’s in it for me” factor. For the most part, these may be the people doing the perceived extra work by entering the transactions but not necessarily seeing the results of the interactions (and any potential changes that result from the information collected via the interactions). Try to find a connection with them, as they can have the most effect — both positively and negatively.

Read the full article here or click the link below (subscription required).

Strategies to Overcome SAP CRM User Adoption Challenges [CRM Expert]

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