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Round-up: SAPinsider events for supply chain, manufacturing, CRM

by Davin Wilfrid

April 19, 2010

by Davin Wilfrid, Managing Editor, ERP Expert

Last week, a gang of consultants from the ARC Advisory group posted a pretty comprehensive round-up of the co-located SAPinsider conferences for logistics and supply chain, procurement and materials management, manufacturing, product lifecycle management, and CRM.

[Editor's note: The SAPinsider conferences are sponsored by SAP and produced by Wellesley Information Services, which is also the publisher of the SAP Experts publications, including ERP Expert.]

On the firm's blog, the consultants noted several key themes that tied the conferences together, including:

  • Sustainability
  • Bringing SAP to the manufacturing shop floor
  • End-to-end business processes for PLM

Expect to see SAP discuss that first bullet point at future SAPinsider events. Not only is sustainability in fashion for reasons of environmental and social responsibility, but also because it's a proven cost-saver:

Peter used a variety of examples to demonstrate how sustainability is also a supply chain issue and that savings that every kind of organization can create.   Johnson & Johnson launched 80 projects that generated $187 million in savings since 2005, with a 19 percent ROI.  General Mills made changes to its packaging that reduced their carton size by 20 percent, took 500 trucks of the road, saved 890,000 lbs of paper, and reduced its carbon footprint by 11 percent.   Valero used sustainability as a driver for energy reduction and have already reduced costs by $140 million per year with only 7 of 14 plants in the program and it expects this to grow to $230 million as all plants are enabled.  DuPont’s focus on eco-efficiency cut its costs by $3 billion and reduced their GHG emissions by 72 percent since 1990.

Finally, the conclusion of the post gets at a point I'm sure the new co-CEOs of SAP will be happy to see. The company clearly needs to demonstrate its commitment to expanding its products to accommodate new growth and innovation as the economy pulls itself out of a crisis:

The economy does appear to be recovering, though there are sure to be some bumps in the road.  SAP is clearly in touch with the business issues facing its customers and has continued to enhance its product and services portfolio to help address the issues.  With these solutions, SAP customers can position themselves for a rebound and seize new opportunities in a recovering economy.

The next round of co-located SAPinsider events -- Financials 2010, HR 2010, and GRC 2010 -- start a week from today in Orlando, FL. Visit the SAPinsider homepage for more details.

SAP Insider 2010: Recovery, Sustainability, and End-to-End Business Process Management [ARC Advisory Group]

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