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Tip: 10 steps to effective SAP organizational change

by Molly Brien

April 27, 2010

By Molly Brien, Conference Producer

This tip is from the session “Building a pre- and post-implementation change management strategy," from Managing Your SAP Projects 2009.

The term ‘change management’ is often associated with ‘after’ (after project go-live, after upgrade, after data migration, etc.) and viewed as simply end-user training and communication. However, there are several other key elements of an effective SAP organizational change management program –many of which should be implemented during project blueprint and realization. 

So, before you get started on your next SAP project, be sure to incorporate change management activities into your overall project plan early and follow these guidelines to stay on track: 

1. Define corporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

2. Perform change readiness assessment

3. Model high-level business processes

4. Develop operational KPIs

5. Model detailed business processes

6. Develop group/departmental KPIs

7. Develop end-user training and support

8. Conduct post-implementation benefits measurement

9. Perform root cause analysis of benefit gaps

10. Implement corrective action

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