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Tips for maximizing the benefit enrollment process in SAP

by Amy Thistle

April 29, 2010

These tips are taken directly from a presentation Clay Molinari gave at HR 2010.

 If you would like to reach these goals …

  • Reduce phone calls and complaints related to online enrollments        
  • Improve benefit enrollment data accuracy
  • Provide a better online experiences for your employees
  • Increase the adoption rate for self-service applications
  • Realize the maximum return possible from your self-service investment

Take these simple steps …

  • Control the way plans and options are presented
  • “Error proof” your benefits configuration
  • Automate mandatory enrollment changes

Ways to maximize the employee’s experience:

Deliver a Consistent Message

  • Always use exactly the same names for plans and plan types whether communicating via email, paper forms, or online enrollment
  • Choose names that are easily recognized and convey meaningful information
  • Think of brand recognition when choosing names
  • All communications received by employees whether paper, email, or online should present the available plans in the same order
  • Plan and option codes determine the display sequence
  • This advice is best taken during your initial implementation
  • Annual enrollment is a good time to “re-implement” your plan codes, if necessary

 Define URLs

  • Configure at Personnel Management ª Benefits ª ESS ª Define URLs

 Add URL to Plan Types

  • Configure at Personnel Management ª Benefits ª ESS ª Assign URLs to benefit plan types
  • Create a set of documents that describe the general characteristics of some or all of your plan types

What tips can you add that others will benefit from?

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