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Welcome to my blog on HR, change management, project management, and business value

by Sven Ringling

April 21, 2010


You are interested in maximising business value from your HCM system or any other SAP project?

You believe that people, values, a clear line of sight to business value, and leadership are as important for a successful SAP project as technology? But you want to talk to people who have been there and done it rather than theorists, who use fancy vocabulary, but don't know how it feels to have some oil on their hands?

You believe in sharing knowledge and open innovation?

You want to have an open discussion?

Then I would love to see you on my page more often and share ideas and experience!

I worked as a technical SAP HCM and HR process consultant for more that 12 years, co-authored a few SAP PRESS books and am still writing for HR Expert. However, whilst I may still be able to help you on a few technical aspects, my strong points are now in change / transformation management and managing business value. If you are facing strong resistance from users, a post merger integration, outsourcing decisions, an international rollout or a wobbly business case, that's probably when you can expect the most valuable answers on this page.

I am looking forward to meet you online!
Or offline: if you happen to come to Britain or Germany or attend a WIS event, I am speaking at, please drop me a line.

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Graceanne Bowe

9/25/2013 8:42:06 PM

Hi, Sven--Welcome to the Insider Learning Network. We look forward to following your posts and discussions.