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A Great Place to Start with Social CRM

by Molly Vaughan

August 6, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, CRM Expert

Today I found a nice, concise article that includes both a PowerPoint and audio of a debate between two CRM experts...and it's all about using social media in CRM, also known as simply social CRM (or sCRM, if you prefer abbreviations). I covered this topic a bit in my last blog post on CRM, but if you click here, you can hear from Michael Krigsman and Esteban Kolsky - two people who work directly with the technology every day. It's interesting to see what they both think about the direction of sCRM and worth a look.

I chose to highlight this particular post because it contains information that was pulled from the CRM Evolution event that just took place from August 2nd to 4th. If you want to see attendees' real-time (and honest) reactions to this event, just enter the tag #CRMe10 on Twitter - there have been a significant number of tweets with people's reactions to and summaries of the event.

Finally, I also chose to highlight Michael's piece because it includes a helpful link to the Twitter page of the Accidental Social CRM group, an extremely useful feed of the latest and greatest sCRM trends and news. Hopefully, these leads (and wherever they lead...) will prove useful if you're exploring the world of sCRM.

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