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Customers phoning your call center may do so begrudgingly

by Scott Wallask

August 1, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

An excellent blog by the Harvard Business Review last week dug into the question of whether customers really value a relationship with companies.

Statistically speaking, based on research published by the Harvard Business Review, the answer would be “no.” For example:

We found that a staggering 57% of inbound calls come from customers who first attempted to resolve their issue on the company's Web site. And over 30% of callers are on the company's Web site at the same time that they are talking to a rep on the phone. That's a lot of frustrated customers.

Even those of us who are CRM champions must admit that many consumers deal with poor experiences on the phone with customer service reps. The Harvard Business Review’s figures seem to spell trouble in the making unless the industry collectively recognizes the need to hire quality workers for the frontline of customer management.

Everyone reading this whose company has customers should also check out the comments to the aforementioned blog, as they are a treasure trove of lessons learned and early warnings about pitfalls in crummy interaction center dealings.

Sam Bayer, CEO of b2b2dot0, also had a good take about the Harvard Business Review piece on the SAP Community Network Blogs. Bayer wrote:

In the end, it's best to reserve conversations with your customers to collaborating on new products and services and maybe even wishing them a happy birthday. Let your SAP integrated web channel do the heavy lifting of transacting the day-to-day business with them.

Allow the M in CRM continue to stand for management, not muddle.

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