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Setting the rules: A challenge for SAP CRM territory management

by Scott Wallask

August 31, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

It comes up a lot in my conversations, e-mails, and customer evaluations: territory management in SAP CRM 7.0.

Territory management seems like it should be an easy task. Assign a sales representative to, say, the Kenilworth region, determine what products to sell, and set the rep’s schedule accordingly, all in SAP CRM.

However, setting up the rules often hamstrings companies from using territory management effectively, CRM consultant Harsh Murarka told me. Just a quick search on the Web proves Murarka right: It can be tricky to correctly assign rules to shape the territories as you want them.

The obstacles remind me of somewhat similar challenges with the old Moog synthesizers that showed up in the 1960s. Think of those original Moogs as the mainframes of the music world: They were big, bulky, and a little temperamental.

The musicians who played the Moog back then had to understand how to plug in the various wires and turn the many knobs to get the sound they wanted out of the keyboard. One wro ng wire connection could blow a musical note. One wrong rule can alter a sales territory.

But when you get territory management rules (or Moog playing) right, you could be in the money.

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