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Two Ways to Troubleshoot Common Issues with SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Configuration

by The Tip Doctor

August 27, 2010

The Tip Doctor

Debugging, logging, and tracing are the tools you need to troubleshoot errors that can disrupt workflow and productivity. When moving to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, you can help your company avoid common technical problems, such as incorrect server or message queue configuration, by using a well-planned and comprehensive approach to setting up and installing the application. To ensure that SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation performs as desired, we provide two ways to check for common issues.

Tip 1. Make Sure the Librfc32.dll Is Deployed

When you are sure that the COM+ components are configured, your next task is to check whether the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP stack can communicate with the .NET Server. This communication occurs through the SAP-provided Remote Function Call library (librfc32.dll), which is one of the prerequisites for running SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation. We’ve found that organizations forget to deploy this sometimes, which can be a common cause for errors.

To check whether this is installed correctly on the Microsoft .NET Server, log in to the Windows operating server and search for this file to make sure that it exists. Also, search for all dependent DLLs that are described in SAP Note 182805.

Tip 2. Check the Windows Host File for a Qualified Domain Name

To avoid certain networking-related issues, such as the hostname to IP address resolution, make sure that the hosts file resolves the fully qualified domain name to the IP address on the Microsoft.NET Server. Navigate to the folder that contains the hosts file, typically <%WINDIR%>\system32\drivers\etc (Figure 1). Open the hosts file and make sure an entry for your host exists in this file that points to the IP address of the Microsoft .NET Server.


Image 1_LeaskDarji

Figure 1          Location of hosts file


This tips is an excerpt from “6 Ways to Troubleshoot Common Issues with SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Configuration” by Ryan Leask and Prakash Darji, Directors, BPC Solution Management, SAP BusinessObjects. Originally published in SAP Professional Journal in July 2009.

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