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You may be an SAP thought leader if …

by Scott Wallask

August 9, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

The idea of “thought leadership” is growing on us as we attempt to infuse some of the principles of this approach into our SAPinsider conferences.

I thought it would be a fun and maybe even useful exercise to come up with a list of thought leadership traits and see if you agree with them.

So, without further fanfare, you might be an SAP thought leader if:

  • You’ve taken an old approach and created a new model for it that improves efficiency, saves money, and decreases downtime
  • You stand high enough above a project to look at a whole process and make changes, rather than deal with the individual cogs of a process
  • You understand that the success of a technical project also stems from your ability to navigate around non-technical aspects, such time-wasting pitfalls and political hot potatoes within the company
  • You know how to use technology to get customers to tell you what’s important to them
  • You regularly write about how to improve SAP endeavors or post related content online
  • You act as the go-to person in your company about a particular SAP solution (such as SAP CRM)
  • You think about SAP while sleeping

Wait a minute, scratch that last entry – it sounds more like leadership in your dreams. Let’s stick to leading the charge in real life.

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