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SAP StreamWork, Social Intelligence and Mobile Devices

by Kevin Benedict

December 30, 2010

If you are not yet familiar with SAP's StreamWork solution, it is worth investigating.  As an SAP Mentor, I use this solution a lot when SAP Mentors from around the world are working on a collaborative project.  SAP StreamWork is a collaborative decision-making solution that brings together the people, information, and proven business approaches to drive fast, meaningful results.  The mobile client is marketed with the following description, "Keep collaborating with your team and driving activities forward, even if you're not at your desk."

The mobile client enables the following:

  • Create an activity directly from email
  • Upload content and add work items
  • Add participants to an activity
  • View and comment on work items
  • Create and view action items

StreamWork is very intriguing to me.  A group can work on making a decision together no matter where each group member is located.  The group can create an activity and then all members can start sharing ideas and linking documents and other content to be shared with the group as tools for making decisions.  You can comment, see the profiles of members, etc.

I believe companies have never effectively taken advantage of the talent and intelligence of their organizations.  Often a person with valuable knowledge may not share it if they are not in the right geographical area, position or group.  There must be ways that you can ha rvest more of the social intelligence of your organization.  I think StreamWork is a step in the right direction.

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