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Data Governance – Separation of Power

by Jodee Hale-Schmid

July 13, 2010

Authored by:  Jim Whyte, Director of Solutions Consulting, Utopia, Inc.

A lot is written about data governance; what it entails, who should be involved, and how it should be administered. For many who are trying to initiate data governance in their organization this can be a murky and confusing topic. I want to simplify it.

You need data governance in place in order to design, build, implement and more importantly, sustain, any type of data related initiative whether it be MDM, data quality, data migration, reporting or archiving. All these efforts require business requirements to be identified and defined, all require decisions on what to do and when. All will require issues that will need to be resolved, compromises made, etc. Without solid data governance in place, these efforts will result in fire fights, “emergency” decisions being made and choices selected for low cost of entry over long term cost of ownership.

So what is data governance? I like the definition CIO Magazine has used; “Management is the decisions you make, governance is the structure for making them.”

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