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Do you want to speak at HR 2011?

by Amy Thistle

July 2, 2010

HR 2011 takes place March 8-11 in Las Vegas, NV. If you have an interest in speaking at this year’s event please feel free to submit a proposal for consideration by clicking on this link –

 Speaking at a conference is hard work. You have to come up with a meaningful topic, complete a detailed proposal, and submit to an interview. You must develop a compelling PowerPoint presentation. You need to practice, practice, practice, and practice again. Finally, you have to present your session with a voice of authority to an audience of your peers.

 All of that effort leaves an afterglow, however. For starters, there’s a level of personal satisfaction in meeting a challenge and increasing your professional development. But bigger than that benefit is the opportunity to pass along your knowledge, skills, and advice to an audience eager for such information.

This is more than peer networking. Those who take the stage at our conferences are viewed as experts and leaders in the field, and they earn that standing through the rigorous vetting we give submissions.

Perhaps you’ve attended one of our conferences in the past and been the person sitting in the crowd. Now it’s your turn to step up with an SAP HCM best practice or leadership strategy. The rest of us are ready to cheer you on.

For more information on the conference as a whole please visit –

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