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Four professional paybacks that Twitter gives to me

by Scott Wallask

July 7, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

Mike O’Brien’s post from earlier today explaining LinkedIn strategies inspired me to look at how I use Twitter for business purposes.

Twitter is a free online service based on constant user updates, a.k.a. “tweets,” which are limited to 140 characters.

There are people on Twitter who will muse about what they ate for breakfast or remind people when the latest rerun of Saved by the Bell airs. Don’t get me wrong—such random tweets are a great part of the Twitter mystery.

But Twitter is also a useful business tool. It can:

  • Increase buzz for your company
  • Promote your services
  • Give you a channel to address complaints against your business

All of those attributes fit nicely into SAP CRM, too, which no doubt fuels the hype behind social media in the CRM world these days.

Here are four real, professional paybacks I receive from Twitter:

  • I keep u p on industry news. Rather than having to search for tidbits, Twitter brings them to me, which I like because it saves me time.
  • I push my company’s products. I tweet about expert presenters or session topics for our SAPinsider conferences, and then provide a link to full speaker bios or detailed session descriptions, which gives users more info and increases hits to the linked page. The same thinking can apply to your company’s website or online store.
  • I network with sources in the SAP field. Every time I follow another user’s tweets, I’m staying in touch with someone who might serve as a future business connection or customer, and it costs me little to do so.
  • I provide help to people. Tweets can quickly provide answers to questions for people or give them slices of information on a topic they’re curious about. Twitter allows you to pass your knowledge or experiences along in a painless way that can also boost your company’s standing in the market.

If you haven’t tried Twitter, take a tour of it. And if you already use Twitter, follow me @sapcrm_observer.

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