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SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Services Tips and Tricks

by Jodee Hale-Schmid

July 23, 2010

Authored by Chuck Schardong, Senior Consultant, Utopia, Inc.


There are lots of tips and tricks for using data services, but here are several of my favorites which I have recently implemented or have suggested to clients to implement in their designs.

Create and Reuse Objects

This helps save on valuable development time, allowing multiple implementations to share common options, and allows future changes in option settings to be made once and automatically distributed to many implementations.
  1. Replicate SAP base transforms to your base transforms and then customize for your business rule standards
  2. Create custom functions such as search and replace logic
  3. Create embedded data flows to allow potentially complex data flows to easily be reused
Good Programming is Simply Good Business

While data services essentially eliminates the need for custom code development, the concepts of good programming constructs and syntax re mains

  • Simplify business rules

 instead of a multi-operand statement, use in construct

day_of_week_initial in (‘M’,’T’,’W’,’F’)

instead of

day_of_week_initial = ‘M’ or
day_of_week_initial = ‘T’ or
day_of_week_initial = ‘W’ or
day_of_week_initial = ‘F’
  • In an “if then else” statement, put the most frequent occurring conditions as the first rule, second most frequent as the second rule, and so on. HINT: Profile the data first!!
  • Minimize the number of input reads and output writes perform as much logic as you can in memory and consolidate the number of transformation in a data flow if possible

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