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The iPad snuck into a day’s worth of CRM chat

by Scott Wallask

July 20, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

Just in the past day or so, I’ve suddenly heard a lot of discussion about how SAP CRM ties into Apple’s iPad.

As with a lot of new technology, I’m generally not sure where the hype ends and the true value begins, but the iPad may be an exception. Just the sales of the device alone – 3 million and counting – may discount any notion of pure hype.

While researching SAPinsider’s CRM 2011 conference (March 22-25, 2011, in Orlando, FL), I heard about and read session proposals dealing with:

  • How SAP CRM can interact with iPads
  • The benefits that sales reps will see moving from smartphones to iPads when accessing CRM features

Meanwhile, the SAP Enterprise Mobility group on LinkedIn is also discussing the iPad’s growing relationship with CRM.

One of the best pieces I’ve read that explains the CRM potential in the iPad was posted by John Appleby of Bluefin Solutions, Ltd., in the UK. “The iPad signifies a paradigm shift in thinking for those of us in Generation X, which is where most of the people in the enterprise software market sit,” Appleby wrote.

Sure, there’s a bit of cheerleading in the article, but Appleby’s point is well-taken: The iPad, or perhaps a successive technology, will change CRM, and we all need to be on board that bullet train when it departs.

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