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Tips for Ensuring a Smooth System Landscape Transition As You Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 or Add SAP Enhancement Packages

by The Tip Doctor

July 22, 2010

(This week’s tip was excerpted from the presentation Is Your SAP Landscape Ready for an SAP ERP 6.0 Upgrade or Enhancement Package Installation?  Essential Preparation Considerations to Optimize Cost, Stability, and Performance delivered at The SAP ERP Upgrade and Enhancement Packages Seminar by Lon Blake of the SAP Upgrade Competency Center, North America. For more information, visit 

This tip is designed to help you ensure that your landscape is ready for an upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 or the addition of SAP enhancement packages. 

STEP 1: Understand all dependencies in the system landscape 

a. Understand the dependencies and compatibility issues within a system (e.g., released DB, OS, and UI combinations in target release (vertical stack))

b. Understand dependencies between different SAP products and software components—The SAP Upgrade Dependency Analyzer (UDA) can help with this

c. Identify compatibility issues with other software and hardware products (e.g., third-party software, SAP partner add-ons or printers (horiz ontal stack), backup and monitoring software)

STEP 2: Consider third-party software prerequisites and ask three key questions:

a.         Is the current version supported on SAP ERP 6.0?

b.         Is it supported for Unicode?

c.         Can I replace it with standard functionality now available from SAP?

NOTE: You must contact the application vendor very early in your planning process in order to understand your situation. SAP will not have this information, and with the downturn in the economy,  many of these companies have been bought or gone out of business.  This can be a major source of unexpected costs if not addressed before you start the upgrade project

STEP 3: Evaluate the technical prerequisites — OS/DB dependencies

a.  Perform your OS/DB upgrade in advance of the SAP upgrade

b.  Check the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) to determine if an upgrade is required to the OS/DB via SAP Service Marketplace Quicklink:

c.  Oracle customers: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (and thus SAP ECC 6.0) only run on Oracle 10. For new installations: 64-bit OS/DB releases are SAP NetWeaver 7.0 mandatory. For upgrades to SAP NetWeaver 7.0: 64-bit OS/DB releases are recommended 

STEP 4: Evaluate the technical prerequisites — SAP GUI Options

a.  SAP GUI 7.10 is the recommended GUI for use with SAP ERP 6.0

b.  SAP GUI 6.40 also supports SAP ERP 6.0; check dependencies during planning of SAP GUI Rollout (out of support as of 10/2008)

i. SAP GUI for Java still offered for Macintosh, Linux, etc.

ii. SAP GUI for HTML still supported via Integrated   Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

c.  Check the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for SAP GUI technical prerequisites

A note about portals:  SAP NetWeaver Portal is not required unless portal-specific applications are used (e.g. employee self-service)

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