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Wardrobe planning for the end-to-end supply chain

by Robert Croce

July 8, 2010

By Bob Croce, Insider Learning Network

If clothes make the man (or woman), then maybe better planning around procurement, inventory, and logistics would make end-to-end supply chain management more successful in the fashion industry. Well, at least better planning could save this retail sector some thread.

In a recent article written for London-based, Helen Slaven, Vice President of retail at Torex, outlines a number of steps retailers can take to cut down on clothes waste. These steps, Slaven says, will  "help retailers conserve resources and improve bottomline, while avoiding negartive publicity."

One area Slaven addresses is a need for retailers to accurately predict sales to reduce overstocking. These issues will be also be on the agenda when  the Supply Chain Bootcamp comes to London, Dec. 6-8. 

Part of the problem, Slaven says is that, “Some of the fashion retailers we speak to about this issue are still relying on legacy spreadsheet-based solutions for stock planning and distribution requirements. This model has limited capacity to cater for the flexible needs of local markets and fast-changing fashion trends.”

With that, Slaven recommends that companies start investing in more sophisticated planning tools. One such tool might be SAP’s Advanced Planning Optimizer (APO), which we’ll definitely have sessions on at our SCM 2011 conference in Orlando next March.

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