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Why you should consider going mobile and social

by Molly Vaughan

July 21, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, CRM Expert

It seems like "mobile" and "social media" have become everyone's favorite buzzwords over the last few years. But their staying power is starting to become evident, and it seems they're more than just a buzzword or passing trend: they are important new ways of doing business, and most organizations accept that marketing, sales, and CRM strategies need to adapt.

If you've been following social CRM, also known as sCRM, you probably aren't surprised that so many major companies are getting on the mobile/social bandwagon. Mobile technology factors heavily into the fast-growing area of sCRM.

I was just reading about one such company, JC Penney, on Direct Marketing News' website (you can click here to see the article). Like most retailers, back-to-school is an extremely important time for JC Penney's business, and they dedicate a significant part of their sales and marketing budgets to the late summer/early fall push. JC Penney's 2010 fall campaign features both social media and mobile components accompanied by more traditional print, in-store, and TV ads. The campaign includes everything from texting customers the latest styles to a program that allows them to vote on each other's "looks." There will also be special iPod and iTouch apps (of course).

This kind of strategy isn't just a good idea for r etail marketing teams who target a younger crowd. I'd advise anyone who works with CRM to keep their eyes out for mobile CRM and sCRM news. Even if you're skeptical of mobile technology and social media's staying power, you can find useful, innovative ideas for your business that won't take much time to set up.

And if you're a subscriber to CRM Expert, we plan to publish more articles on these topics this year. In fact, you can click here to see a new article with tips on what you should know about Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM (including technical requirements).

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