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A new customer study’s statistics come to life before me

by Scott Wallask

June 22, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

I couldn’t help but hear a coworker wrangling with a Internet provider today on the phone, and as I listened to her simple questions that apparently weren’t getting answered, I thought to myself, “This customer service rep just doesn’t get it.”

That notion echoes a line in the executive summary of a new survey report by Temkin Group about the current state of the customer experience:

We found that only 3% of firms were “customer-centric organizations” while 33% of firms were “customer-oblivious organizations.”

I suspect the company on the other end of my colleague’s line was of the latter ilk.

I see an associated pattern frequently emerge in the SAP CRM world: You can have the greatest CRM system, well-thought out during implementation, installed and configured with expertise, and oiled to run at 100 mph. But if you also staff an interaction center with aloof employees, your CRM setup won’t generate much more than grief from your customer tugs-of-war.

On the cheerier side, Temkin Group’s research also indicates that companies recognize the importance of CRM, as 65% of survey respondents want to be customer experience leaders by 2013.

Those direct transactions with customers are prime ground to plant leadership ideals.

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Molly Vaughan

9/25/2013 8:45:16 PM

Scott, this was a really interesting survey - thanks for the link.

I think companies are starting to become aware of one of the main points you made in this post: your CRM system might be running smoothly, but that can be inconsequential if your Interaction Center agents aren't well-trained and experienced in making your customers happy. Over on the CRM Expert side, I've noticed an uptick in article submissions on the Interaction Center. It's also one of the top 3 CRM topics that readers say they're interested in.

In fact, you don't have to be a subscriber to see one of our most popular and useful articles on the Interaction Center - John Burton's article "ERMS Email Escalation Notifications Help Prevent Frustrated Customers" is available for download in full at (click on "Free Sample Article" on the left).

For subscribers, I'd recommend checking out Sumeet Mishra's article "Easily Assess Your IC Agents' Performance with Audio Interaction Records," which you can find by entering Sumeet's name into the search box at