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Don’t disregard the local flavors of SAP CRM customization

by Scott Wallask

June 8, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

When moving toward CRM globalization in your company, don’t erase the local twists behind your sales or marketing strategies or you may end up lagging behind.

In other words, even globalization requires customization. On paper, that can look like a conflict—after all, globalization aims to make processes more universal and integrated. The nuances of customization seem to infringe on the ideal.

A customer I talked to—let’s call him John—refers to customization as the local flavor. Various state- or country-specific cultures, payment setups, and regulations can all play a part in the need to customize aspects of your SAP business solutions.

Without customization options, CRM, BI, and HR applications will fail, John says.

It’s not simply that companies all don’t want vanilla ice cream—some organizations can’t perform at their top tier without jimmies as part of their local flavor.*

Our own CRMexpert has plenty of good articles about customizing SAP CRM—for example, “A Quick and Easy Guide to Enhancing External List Management.”

* "Jimmies" is a Boston word for these little ice cream treats.

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