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How Much Changes in a Year?

by Kristen Kohrt

June 28, 2010

By Kristen Kohrt, Associate Editor, HR Expert

I posted this short article on the HR Expert knowledgebase at the beginning of 2010. Halfway through the year, what kinds of articles do you think are in the top ten for 2010?

Top 10 HR Expert Articles for 2009

These are the top ten most popular articles of 2009. Hot topics include performance management, enhancements, and organizational structure. Congratulations to Venki Krishnamoorthy, who wrote three articles on the list, and to Raghavendran Parthasarthy, who wrote two. Click on the links below to look back at the articles readers accessed the most in 2009. (Note: You need to be a subscriber to HR Expert to view full articles.)

  1. Best Practices to Increase the Effectiveness of Your LSMW Objects by Manuel Gallardo
  2. Make the Most of the Employee Interaction Center with an Effective Organizational Structure by EIC Experts
  3. SAP ERP HCM Performance Management: New Features Enhance Employee D evelopment by Venki Krishnamoorthy
  4. Make the Most of your Organizational Structure and Data with Nakisa SAP Talent Visualization by Greg Newman
  5. SAP HCM Performance Management – New Features in Enhancement Pack 4 (Part 2) by Venki Krishnamoorthy
  6. Get the Most From SAP ERP HCM 6.0 Enhancement by Martin Gillet
  7. Retain Your Top Talent Using Calibration in SAP Performance Management by Venki Krishnamoorthy
  8. Update Your Work Schedule Rule with a Simplified Approach by Raghavendran Parthasarthy 
  9. Case Study: Use SAP HCM Processes and Forms to Change an Employee’s Pay by Jim Fang 
  10. Align SAP Time Management with Your Company’s Time Quota Requirement by Raghavendran Parthasarathy


I won't tell you what the top ten for 2010 are just yet... but I will say that a few new HCM personnel structure and performance management articles are quite popular - a notable continuum from 2009. However, time management and MSS/ESS are gaining in popularity and both have become hot search topics on the knowledgebase. I also predict that Venki Krishnamoorthy's upcoming talent management articles (one is already online) will be just as popular as his performance management articles from 2009. Check them out! And let me know what your predictions are on the top ten articles for 2010. How much do things change in a year?

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