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Is Accounts Payable like Human Resources and Payroll?

by David Wisor

June 15, 2010

I’m going to continue this blog’s journey through the wonderful world of HR data entry, with an on-topic discussion about the challenges we’ve faced with our current data entry process. But for today’s blog, I’d like to tell everyone about a project that I’m going to be involved in for the next several months. I’ve been asked to participate in a team that will increase the efficiency of our Accounts Payable Department. The team includes four of people: two Accounts Payable Analysts, another member of the financial team and me (your’s truly, as my father would say).

The team seems to be a good mix. One of the analysts is relatively new to the company, and the other has been doing Accounts Payable for years. They will obviously bring two entirely different views to the process, and will help to provide buy-in from that group. The third person has an understanding of Financials, and works closely with the Accounts Payable group and provides an additional perspective. For my part, I bring a track record of improvements to our HR and Payroll team. The combination of the unique and diverse talents of this team means our suggestions for improvement will have credibility with our management team.

I’m very excited about the prospects of increasing efficiencies in the department, but just as excited about determining if the process we’ve used to improve efficiency in the HR and Payroll Departments can be successfully applied to our Accounts Payable team. I’ve long held the belief that these processes are very similar. If you’ve never stopped to do so, consider this: Payroll is a specialized form of Accounts Payable.

Ultimately, I’d like to apply the same template to many of our departments, and I feel like Accounts Payable is a good starting point.

I’ll provide periodic updates here-my view of how this process is going, and hopefully some tips that can be useful to others. So stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll have some interesting fodder for this blog as we go through this process.

David Wisor, Mannington Mills

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