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It’s All Zeroes and Ones to Me

by Jacquelyn Howard

June 29, 2010

by Jacquelyn Howard, SAP Professional Journal

As the editor for SAP Professional Journal, I spend a fair amount of time looking at code. I have tremendous respect for our Java and ABAP code authors and the skill it requires to draft an elegant code. As a kid, I would write programs in BASIC and LOGO and was always amazed when they worked, as if by magic. (And yes, I did play outdoors like a normal kid, too.)

Recently, I came across a site, Code for America, a project made up of, in the organization’s words, “web geeks, city experts, and technology industry leaders.” The goal of Code for America is to help “city governments become more transparent, connected and efficient by connecting the talents of cutting-edge web developers with people who deliver city services and want to embrace the transformative power of the web to achieve more impact with less money.” Basically, it’s about integrating Web 2.0 concepts into government to improve efficiency.

But that’s not why I bring this site up. In honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, Code for America recently released eight posters positioning historical figures as cutting-edge techies (Eleanor Roosevelt, Social Media Strategist). These posters feature famous quotes from these figures translated into binary code.



(For those who aren’t fluent in binary, you can always use this text converter to reveal the nuggets of wisdom from our earliest tech geeks.) Enjoy!

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