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New to Blogging? Have No Fear! Anyone Can Do It (Just Ask Disney)

by Jacquelyn Howard

June 23, 2010

As our Insider Learning Network grows, I have had the chance to speak with a number of new members who are interested in blogging. For some, it can be quite intimidating (trust me on this, I am part of that “some”). Staring at that blank area just begging for enlightening text and images can be overwhelming.

So what is the best way to start? In the realm of SAP, new information is always developing. Maybe you just finished a project and want to let people know about a really helpful SAP Note you uncovered. Or maybe you’re attending the SAP BusinessObjects seminar in Philadelphia next month and you happen to know the best place for a Philly cheesesteak. (There I go with the food references again!) You have a wealth of information that can benefit others.

I recently read an interview by Mike Scopa (“Social Media and Disney”) with Thomas Smith, Disney's new Social Media Director for Disney Parks. (If you’re a Disney Fan, you can read the interview in the latest newsletter from AllEars.) I was surprised to read that Disney is rather new to social media, having just launched the Disney Parks blog in September 2009. As with any new blog, Smith find that he often works with new bloggers, adding that he currently has 20 bloggers on the site, but expects that number to grow.

Here is an excerpt from the Smith interview:

At the time of my visit with Smith he had a stable of about 20 authors providing content to the blog. These authors would "own their niche" and Smith adds that each niche was "exciting." The early categories were easy to choose. There were such topics as the Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Sports, Disney Weddings, and as recently as the last few months such subjects as food and merchandising have been added.

Smith shared how the Disney Company was focused on giving its audience what they want, and that the company would be "direct, open, honest, and informing" with this platform. "We want to be entertaining and storytelling," he says with a spark in his eyes.

So what’s your niche? You might be surprised at the information you have to share! Come join the discussions and start your own blog on Insider Learning Network.


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