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SAP and Facebook - Together at Last.... at Least for a Night

by Kristen Kohrt

June 18, 2010

By Kristen Kohrt, Associate Editor, HR Expert

SAP and Facebook may become very good pals – if they ever get that new friend optimizer application back up and running. The SAP Crystal Solutions-sponsored app debuted yesterday, “spreading like wildfire,” according to But that wildfire went out just about as quickly as it spread. Readers on posted comments concerning alleged Facebook policy violations. Today, if you attempt to search Facebook for the app, the only result is a vague “Friend Optimizer” event with one lonely confirmed guest so far. What’s up with that? I think it’s safe to assume that this has to do with the policy violations. Considering the potential popularity of this app (the next Farmville, perhaps?), I predict that Facebook and SAP will work together to adapt this app so it complies with Facebook’s policy. If this happens and you download the app, here’s what you’ll get:

Not too bad, eh? Put simply, the application tracks how active you and your friends are on Facebook. You and your friends are “ranked” based on this activity. Basically like SAP Crystal reports for Facebook.

I’d like to know what SAP experts think about this. Good, bad, probably won’t happen? Perhaps this will increase SAP’s exposure to Facebook users who have never heard of SAP? If so, I have a message for Facebook and SAP: If I could avoid quizzical looks when I tell my friends and family that I edit and publish articles for an SAP-centric online knowledgebase, that’d be great. Thanks!



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