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Survey says...

by Molly Vaughan

June 3, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, Solution Manager Expert

If you follow SAP news, you might've heard about Panaya's just-released survey on SAP Solution Manager use (which you can check out by clicking here). The results indicate that getting customers to realize the value of SAP Solution Manager - and, on a more basic level, how to use all of its features - is a significant challenge right now.

All in all, only 8% (!) of users surveyed by Panaya are using all of SAP Solution Manager's various functionalities. On average, 51% of the various functionalities available in SAP Solution Manager aren't being used. The most fully-used features were Change Request Management (ChaRM, which I recently blogged about), System Landscape Management, and System Monitoring and Documentation. The least-used were Job Scheduling, Incident Management, and Service Desk.

Why is this? It comes down to the level of understanding that people currently have about SAP Solution Manager. Nearly 1/3 of the respondents stated that the biggest challenge they faced was the complexity of SAP Solution Manager. Other related reasons they cited were not understanding the product's value and finding it difficult to use. It does seem like the features that are most used by the respondents are the "big ones" (such as ChaRM or Solution Monitoring);  more specific functionalities, like Job Scheduling, are bound to fall by the wayside.

As you might've guessed from the publication next to my name, I have to admit that I'm about to tie this all into Solution Manager Expert. But considering how many people are still in the dark about a lot of SAP Solution Manager functionality, our website and publication are great resources that respond to this very real need. We cover a wide range of topics - from "big," well-known functionalities to "smaller" ones (including Job Scheduling) - and we're just getting started. If the results of the Panaya surveys and others that we've conducted are any indication, the "youngest" of the SAP Experts publications has its work cut out for it.

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