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What are SAP Solution Manager professionals looking for?

by Molly Vaughan

June 24, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, Solution Manager Expert

As the editor of a publication on Solution Manager, I know that subscribers (and everyone else who's looking for information) come from varied backgrounds. Some are early adopters who took to Solution Manager right away, while others are just getting fully on board now - or aren't quite sure they want to yet.

I thought I'd take a look at the analytics for Solution Manager Expert's website and see what readers and other Web visitors were clicking on this month. Here's what I found was most popular in June:

  1. "Use SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management (ChaRM) to Support Your Implementation Project" by John Osburn. This straightforward, helpful article is consistently the most visited in the knowledgebase - I have a feeling it's because it's about ChaRM, which is also a consistently hot topic.
  2. Our free sample articles (right now, they're on enterprise support requirements and governance processes)
  3. "Configure Automatic Service Desk Email Notifications" by Sundar Chandrasekaran, another consistently popular article
  4. "Outsourcing Your Support? Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Be Using SAP Solution Manager Anyway" by Davin Wilfrid, which is available in full for free on the homepage
  5. The "Solution Manager" tag
  6. "Crossing Transport Request Boundaries with ChaRM," a recent article by Cristiano Canzone
  7. The "Change Request Management" tag
  8. The "Business Process Management" tag
  9. "Implement ChaRM 'Light' to Ease Your ChaRM Implementation" by Theo van Kaathoven, another recent ChaRM article
  10. "A Step-by-Step Setup Guide to SAP Solution Manager Adapter for SAP Quality Center by HP: Part 1" by Labinot Bytyqi, the first of two detailed step-by-step articles on the setup

Whether you're new or old to Solution Manager, do you think these results accurately reflect people's Solution Manager needs? I'd be interested to hear what you think - and to know if ChaRM is the #1 topic that you're looking for information on. Feel free to comment on this post or email me directly at

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