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What is new with the Enterprise Compensation Management in EHP5

by Jarret Pazahanick

June 9, 2010

Word is slowly starting to come out on what will be delivered in Enhancement Package 5 (EHP5) for Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM) and although it is subject to change I thought I would share it with the SDN community.  

EHP5 is scheduled to be available for ramp up customers in June, 2010 and as someone who has been involved in ramp up projects for EHP1, EHP3 and EHP4 there are a lot of benefits for taking part in the program with the most obvious being the ability to use the latest and greatest that SAP has to offer.

Enclosed is a high level description of some of the key items tentatively planned for EHP5 for ECM:                                            

Enhancements for compensation specialist

-Process Types and Process Support

-Employee-based Budgeting

-Power User Access

Enhancements for (higher-level) managers

-New Web Dynpro ABAP user interface and functionality to enha nce planning and approval process

-Flexible Compensation Planning

  • Configuration of tabs (e.g., All tab)
  • Dependent plans
  • Enterable custom columns
  • Download to Microsoft Excel
  • Planning Overview

-Employee Compensation Profile

-Compensation Statements

-Global Employment


It is important to note that Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM) got the following new enhancements with enhancment package 4 (EHP4) released last year.

Enhancements for compensation specialist

-Additional new reports

  • Prepare Organizational Units for Compensation Planning
  • Notify Managers
  • Display Compensation Planning Progress
  • Display Compensation Planning Changes
  • Summarize Compensation Planning Changes
  • Adjust Compensation Process Records
  • Delete Compensation Planning History Data

-Flexibility to determine employee currency via IT 0001, IT 0008, or customer IT via BAdI

-Rounding rule

-Feature Compensation Eligibility Grouping (CELGP) and feature Compensation Guideline Grouping (CGDGP) enhancements

-Mass changes for guideline matrix values

Enhancements for (higher-level) managers

-Planning Overview

- Notifications

Enhanced Integration with Performance Management

- Appraisal results can be displayed as text as well as links to employee appraisal documents

Customers that have not looked at SAP’s Enterprise Compensation Management functionality in the last year are in for some big surprises as there have many well received additions and the product is a great fit for SAP HCM customers.

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