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Drop and give me 10, you MRP slacker!

by Robert Croce

March 25, 2010

By Bob Croce, Insider Learning Network

We call it a bootcamp, but we promise that our speakers won't scream in your face, call you Gomer Pyle, or request that you follow up every comment with a hearty "Sir, Yes Sir!!!"

But nonetheless, it is a bootcamp. A Supply Chain Bootcamp, and it's coming to a city near you.

We're thrilled to again offer the definitive seminar to capture greater value from your existing SAP systems. The Supply Chain Bootcamp is coming to Chicago (June 16-18), Orlando (Oct. 27-29), and London (Dec. 6-8).

New this year is the on site option. Save the cost of travel, invite the entire team, and our speakers will perform right there in the comfort of your conference room. If you want to learn more about bringing the program to you, please call 781-751-8700.

Here in a nutshell is what this seminar will do for you:

Supply Chain Bootcamp will help you reduce procurement spend, optimize inventory levels, reduce warehouse management costs, increase production efficiency, and more effectively meet customer demand.

Our speakers are the dudes from Reveal consulting, and the methodology taught in this seminar has helped their clients capture 15-30% improvements in procurement spend, inventory turns, warehouse handling costs, production efficiency and lead time, and fulfillment performance.

Check it out. Last year it opened to rave reviews:

"My biggest takeaway from this seminar will pay for itself many times over"

- An MRP coordinator from Europe

"What I loved about the content is that is was really specific and applicable."

 - An operations business analyst who attended in Philadelphia

"Reveal's Joseph Grobler should win an Oscar for this role!."

- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times (OK, so I made that one up, but the others are real).

Check if out when you check a chance. Here's the link to the brochure.

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