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Employee self-services taking a strategic turn?

by Graceanne Bowe

March 26, 2010

For years, employee self-services were primarily a vehicle to reduce HR administration activities and cost and place responsibility for time and benefits management in the hands of the employees themselves.   According to a recent article, however, companies are starting to look for greater ROI from their ESS investments and are using self-services to gather business intelligence about employee performance and provide managers with greater insights that can result in improved workforce management.  (Click here for article:,...)

Based on attendance at last week's HR 2010 conference in Orlando, it's this blogger's opinion that self-services adoption and expansion is indeed on the rise.  Hundreds of attendees flocked to over a dozen ESS and MSS sessions, which were among the most popular at the conference.  Given that adoption of self-services tends to be fairly mature, this could well be an early indicator that SAP teams are looking at new ways to get greater value out of their ESS and MSS investments.

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