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A helpful guide if you're considering Solution Manager

by Molly Vaughan

May 5, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, Solution Manager Expert

As the editor of Solution Manager Expert, I usually work with readers, authors, and other SAP experts who already have and make full use of Solution Manager. They know how to use Solution Manager or they're trying to understand specific parts of its functionality; for the most part, they appreciate that it makes their work easier.

On the other hand, when I look at tech blogs or LinkedIn and Twitter posts, there's sometimes a different story. A lot of admins and other technology professionals aren't really convinced about Solution Manager's value yet. They aren't sure if it's worth implementing and its benefits aren't always clear.

Davin Wilfrid wrote a helpful article a few months ago that we feature for free on the Solution Manager Expert website. "Outsourcing Your Support? Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Be Using SAP Solution Manager Anyway" features expert commentary (including some from Solution Manager Expert advisor Winni Hesel) on six major reasons why you shouldn't ignore Solution Manager. There's also a helpful step-by-step conclusion on building your infrastructure with Solution Manager.

Choosing Solution Manager is a big decision, and there usually isn't one big "a-ha" moment concerning its implementation for you or your company. It takes a lot of consideration and research, but this article is a clear and concise summary that will hopefully help you on your way to a decision!

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