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Here’s hoping SAP’s purchase of Sybase helps CRM

by Scott Wallask

May 14, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

Imagine what the salesmen from Glengarry Glen Ross could have done with mobile devices helping their efforts. Perhaps Ricky Roma would have shown client Mr. Lingk the Glengarry real estate information accessed from his Blackberry while in the restaurant. Shelly Levene might have reviewed the Nyborgs’ files on an i-Phone before he mistakenly signed a deal with the deadbeats at their house.

The point is, a sales force needs to operate remotely, so it will be worth watching how this aspect pans out with SAP’s purchase of Sybase, Inc., for $5.8 billion. In doing so, SAP seeks to increase its ability to offer its business solutions to mobile users.

SAP CRM data seems primed for increased use in wireless applications, particularly for sales members who are on the road and need quick admittance to customer information via smart phones and other mobile technology.

“[By] combining the market leader in enterprise applications with the market leader in enterprise mobility, companies around the world will be able to run their business from many [mobile] devices,” John Chen, CEO of Sybase, said in a statement.

Yvonne Genovese, a vice president with market research firm Gartner, told the San Jose Mercury News that SAP is particularly attracted to Sybase products that can detect patterns in data and thus allow companies to better predict their customer’s behavior.

But even as the technologies evolve and business deals commence, the core mission of CRM remains evergreen: Get the most out of your interaction with customers and build their loyalty.

Those of you who saw Glengarry will remember that second prize in the sales contest was a lousy set of steak knives. True, it’s only a movie, but the message is real: You want your sales reps to win. Here’s hoping the Sybase deal brings greater ability to CRM folks.

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