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How to Drive Understanding

by Nathan Sharp

May 4, 2010

Nathan Sharp, Blogject Manager

Ever wondered what an SAP project is supposed to deliver? A common understanding of the purpose is very important for the customers of that project. Maybe you are even on the project team itself and don’t understand what is being produced or maybe even why.

I recently received a car brochure in the mail. I didn’t remember asking for it, but the envelope was interesting enough for me to want to open it. The brochure itself turned out to be a poster of the car on one side and information about features on the other. I spent a few minutes glancing through the specifications.

SAP Project Managers might consider creating a "Project Handbook". This document shows what will be produced by the project and what are the benefits are - all in an attractive and easy-to-understand format. I have used this tool in the past and it has been a successful communication and handy reference tool.

The car brochure didn’t tell me useless details about how the car was built, just relevant information and where I could get a test drive.  In the same way, SAP Projects can show their customers and sponsors what they are getting and Project Team Members what they are building.

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Davin Wilfrid

9/25/2013 8:43:12 PM

I like it. I'm curious how much energy you might consider devoting to something like this. Would you just have a Word doc to pass around, or would you come up with something a little more "flashy" like a glossy brochure?