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SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analytics is the new Pioneer

by Jacquelyn Howard

May 4, 2010

Recently talk about Pioneer, the code name for a new SAP BusinessObjects offering, has picked up on speculation that the offering might become available in June. In fact, SAP recently retired the code name. The new name is (drum roll ….) “SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis.”

SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis a new OLAP analysis tool for advanced analysis capabilities on SAP NetWeaver BW. It combines SAP BusinessObjects Voyager's user interface with the OLAP capabilities of the BEx Analyzer.

This is the official FAQ about SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis:

-- It will be available as a web client as well as an Excel client with tight integration between the two.

-- It be a new state-of-the art OLAP client based on Ajax (Web 2.0) technology using advanced connectivity as the universal access layer for SAP & Non-SAP multidimensional data

-- Pioneer's combination of high end analysis capabilities, with ease-of-use and elegant visualization control & personalization features will reduce the need for specialized design-time tools and enable end users to make simple design & UI changes directly during data analysis.

-- Pioneer will be included as part of the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite

-- BEx Analyzer and BEx Web Analyzer will remain as the base offering for the SAP NetWeaver BW offering, and will continue to be shipped with SAP NetWeaver. However, feature extensions for BEx Analyzer & BEx Web Analyzer will be limited.

You can view the SAP PowerPoint to read more about SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis. Also, BI Expert author Larry Sackett offers his take on this offering in his blog.

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