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SAP E-Recruitment: Data Conversion From Legacy Systems

by Danielle Larocca, Senior Vice President of Human Capital Management, EPI-USE Labs

May 25, 2010

To convert or not to convert – that is the question.  When putting in SAP e-Recruitment there is always the discussion of what is best practice regarding the conversion of all talent pool data from the legacy system.  Companies go through a great deal of effort in developing their talent pool.   The talent pool consists of many things including applicant contact information, job preferences, education and work history, answers to specific screening questions, etc.    Companies are often passionate about this data being converted to the new system.  There are inherent challenges with mapping this data to SAP, but there is an important strategy consideration that should be kept in mind.  Many older legacy recruitment systems contain this information which can date back as far as the system was in place and will likely only include data for people who took the time to apply to a previous position with the organization or someone who went on to the system and completed a profile.  Such information is often outdated. Career experience changes in addition to education and skill sets.  The best practice recommendation is to keep three pieces of data on all potential applicants, both actively looking for a job and passively interested.  The profile consists of three simple things and takes less than a minute to create:

 1. What is your email address?

2.  What type of job are you looking for?

3.  In which state/country do you wish to work?

This information does not often change and is all the core information you need.  In SAP, each time you create a new vacant position you will attach that position to answers for questions 2 and 3.  With SAP e-Recruitment, you can design a search agent function that allows people the opportunity to give answers to the three questions.  The system will then automatically send an email to persons who indicated an interest in those specific positions thereby giving them the opportunity to apply.  When putting in a new recruitment system, always start with a mass email to everyone in your old legacy system asking them to take 1 minute to visit your website and answer the three questions.  If you do this you will not need to convert any history and you can start fresh.  Its common practice for old legacy data to be exported to a file for recruiters to search if need be.

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