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SAPPHIRE in the rough 2

by Nathan Sharp

May 18, 2010

Nathan Sharp, Blogject Manager

SAPPHIRE NOW continued in Orlando on Tuesday, May 18th.

Joint CEO’s McDermott and Snabe (via satellite from SAPPHIRE in Frankfurt) managed to speak for 2 hours and say actually very little; SAP is Green, SAP is serious about mobile and SAP has purchased Sybase, SAP is now really ready to provide on-demand software, SAP really has a sexy new version of CRM coming this time (cue unremarkable screen-shot teaser).

And no longer is SAP illustrating their software with "the Pizza", now we get Apple-like icons. In fact, Apple’s iPAD made an appearance in a small demo, because I guess the iPAD is cool and every software presentation needs to have at least one cool thing.

Having media studios inside the conference is also cool. There are lots of faux interviews going on, presumably for the benefit of those viewing on the Internet. Unfortunately, the one I saw had searching questions on a par with an Infomercial. I don't know how much it all cost (a lot, I expect), but for my money I would have rather preferred having a decent conference bag to hold all the literature and T-shirts.

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