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The article 'Supply Chain Prowess Turns Outage into Opportunity'

by Marcy Rizzo

May 11, 2010

By Marcy Rizzo

Author Richard Howells, Senior Director SCM Solution Marketing, at SAP wrote an interesting Blog on the recent water fiasco in Boston:

Richards commentary on what proves a responsive versus sluggish supply chain is crystal clear. What I find especially compelling is the social media piece of the supply chain puzzle, as a ubiquitous alert monitor.

While the effectiveness is without question - how does one talk about it later?
For example;
"My husband twittered me to not drink the water?"
"My husband tweeted me....?"
"My husbdand tweeked me...?
"I was twickered?

Okay, now you see my point, although seemingly absurd. There are some words I find difficult to say without a snicker. Call me a dinosaur (not to my face), but I'm resistant.  It's not the medium (although I DO think life is better without knowing what my 4th cousin is watching on TV), rather it is the language I find disturbing.  Blog, Twitter, Tweet, IM, Skype, etc.

Gosh, I feel like Andy Rooney!

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