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The squeaky wheel gets the oil (and the application they want).

by Jayne Gibbon

May 10, 2010

How often are you working in an application only to think "What kind of loser designed it like this???"  As a former user, I assumed SAP designed in a vacuum because the way the application should work (but many times didn't) seemed so obvious to me as an end user.  I couldn't understand how a software has such gaping holes in the design when our business process was pretty vanilla.

The truth is that our applications, specifically GRC Access Control, are designed based on direct input from our customer base.  So the old adage "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" is applicable here.  The louder customers are the ones we hear and their ideas on how to design the product ultimately influence what is built. 

The fact is, we're not mind readers.  We need customers to become involved and engaged if they want to help influence future direction of our products.  Please don't take this to mean I want you to flood my inbox with your ideas!  There's a set model in place for SAP GRC Access Control to engage with our customers and discuss areas for future improvement.

That process is defined in sap note 1083615.  Specifically, you need to become involved in your Regional Customer Advisory Councils.  The sap note has a link to join these and this is how you can get heard.  The more sessions you attend and the more vocal you are, the better chance your great ideas may make it into our future development.

So get involved!  The only way we can i mprove our offerings and address your main pain points is if we know what they are.  Help us help you.  Cheesy way to end the blog, but that's the best I have on a Monday morning!

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