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Where are you going with your supply chain career?

by Marcy Rizzo

May 6, 2010

By Marcy Rizzo

One of the most popular sessions we’ve run in recent years at the SAP Insider Logistics and Supply Chain Management conferences is NOT about implementation best practices, ERP optimization, or product application updates.

Instead, this session addresses ideas, and offers new ways to consider supply chain management as a career.

The presentation was developed and delivered by Chris Moose, from IBM. He talked about how to not only survive, but how to thrive in the global talent pool. Provocative questions were posed; such as:

-Do you know where you are going with your supply chain career?
-Are you setting your own career direction, or is it being dictated to you?
-Did you unexpectedly stay too long in a project, and now that major tasks are winding down, or as your company increases outsourcing, you’re exposed to -changes that require you to reestablish your career direction?
-Do you see current industry trends threatening your relevance to the organization?

 The session content offered a framework to help attendees analyze career choices, as well as how to set guideposts for the future in times of dynamic change.  

As preparations begin for the 2011 season, I have a feeling these questions are still relevant, and could help shed light on how, and when to take your next career step. What do you think?

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