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8 new, easy pieces for SAP EIC with enhancement pack 4

by Robert Croce

November 2, 2010

By Bob Croce, SAP Experts

If you’re looking to ease your pain when it comes to your Employee Interaction Center (EIC), enhancement package 4 features eight new pieces of functionality.

SAP’s EIC, a centralized call center application that is part of its shared services offering, delivers employee information to your contact center agents and empowers them to capture the details of an interaction with an employee. SAP has added several large pieces of new or enhanced functionality in enhancement package 4, which are detailed in depth in a recent HR Expert article.

According to the article, written by consultants from EIC Experts, enhancement package 4, allows you to control access to EIC activities based on the type of case or activity and the location or function of the call center. SAP has delivered a new authorization object (P_EICAU) that controls access to an activity. The following fields are available within this authorization object:

  • Authorization level (create, delete, read, and modify activity)

  • Activity status

  • Employment status

  • EIC category

  • EIC subcategory

  • Traditional HR objects

Standard default user role SAP_EP_HR_PAOC_EIC is a good starting point upon which to build.

For more details, read the article, “What's New and Exciting In Enhancement Package 4 for the Employee Interaction Center.”

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