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Enhancement package 5 changes AA reporting by Profit Center and Segment

by The Tip Doctor

November 30, 2010

- From The Tip Doctor -

This tip was taken from the article “Enhancement Package 5 Includes Fixed Asset Segment Reporting Improvements” by Nathan Genez, which was posted to the Financials Expert knowledgebase in May 2010.

One of the changes that directly affects asset accounting (FI-AA) is the introduction of the profit center and segment within the subledger. It is now possible to directly assign the profit center and segment on the fixed asset master record.

Follow menu path Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Asset > Create, or use transaction AS01 and they both appear on the Time-dependent tab (Figure 1). This allows you to track an asset’s assignment on a periodic basis that supports both more accurate reporting and an easier reconciliation to the asset section of the balance sheets tracked in PCA.

 Figure 1: Profit Center and Segment both appear in the Time-dependent tab

Prior to this change, it was possible to derive the profit center from the asset’s assignment to a cost center or internal order. SAP delivered structure ANLAV, which included mostly asset-specific attributes, but also a few fields (e.g., profit center) that were not directly in the asset tables. You could use this structure to create sort versions that would show the asset subtotaled by its profit center relationship.

The problem with this solution was that it was not possible to enforce strict controls regarding the asset’s profit center assignment without writing validations. Validations are great for customer-specific field control, but can be cumbersome to administrate.

While it is still possible to enforce logic from a separate module on the asset master (such as the state assigned to the asset’s cost center) they require ABAP development and a user exit to do so.

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