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JiWire, Mobile Check-In and Mobile Retailing Applications

by Kevin Benedict

November 9, 2010

I  was a guest speaker at the CIO Council 2010 sponsored by Panorama Capital in Las Vegas last week.  I was able to spend a couple of days with a number of high tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and a leading edge group of industry CIOs.  The main focus of the conference this year was enterprise mobility.

One of the most interesting discussion tracks at the conference was the increasing role that WiFi may have as MNOs (mobile network operators) increasingly have bandwidth problems.  There are more companies looking to add hotspots, expand coverage and other related services.  One of these companies is JiWire.

Here is JiWire's description from their website:


JiWire is the leading mobile audience media company, leveraging Wi-Fi to deliver ads to elusive and affluent audiences with outstanding measurable results.  We reach audiences in the context of their daily lives, driving deeper engagement than traditional media with the keen expertise of ad industry veterans, who understand your targeting needs and how to deliver.

Serving 20 million unique users per month at 30,000 high-traffic, premium Wi-Fi hotspots, our channel taps into an audience of elusive business travelers, affluent families and trendsetters—all within an online environment that promotes high receptivity and response.


Here is the most interesting point that I learned about JiWire - They can predict your behavior and travel with an uncanny accuracy.  They claim they can predict your behavior with 80 percent accuracy.  How?  They monitor and track your WiFi "check-ins" on many of the highest traffic locations.

Here is a scenario.  You often connect to the WiFi at the local Starbucks in Eagle, Idaho, and you connect often at the Boise airport WiFi, the San Jose airport, Santa Clara Marriott and Starbucks on Mission College Blvd.  You also connect to the WiFi at the Logan International airport in Boston every couple of months, the Long Wharf Marriott and the Starbucks right down the street.

After three months of tracking your WiFi check-ins, JiWire starts being able to understand your profile and predict your patterns going forward with an increasing degree of accuracy.  This WiFi check-in database of information is incredibly valuable to advertisers seeking to promote their products and services to you through mobile retailing applications or other means.

Mobile retailing application developers and vendors like Smartsoft Mobile Solutions and other service providers can use this data to deliver highly targeted products and services through their mobile retailing applications for smartphones.  The advertised products and services can be highly customized to most appeal to you and your lifestyle pattern.

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