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SAP to pay $120 million in Oracle case

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

November 3, 2010

Reuters is reporting that SAP has agreed to pay Oracle $120 million to cover legal fees in exchange for Oracle not pursuing punitive damages. In other words, they just want this to go away.

Surely SAP is thrilled to have the case over with, as it has dragged on for years. Thomas Wailgum of CIO raised one interesting point this morning that, given the context of the scandal, SAP has gotten out of it relatively unscathed thanks to Larry Ellison's (somewhat cultivated) role as a villain in business. 

Oracle and CEO Ellison should be receiving tons of sympathy, for they are on the side of the high and mighty in this instance. They have been wronged.

But again, there's a dearth of articles and letters to the editor rallying around Oracle and its cause.


There are several reasons:


Second: SAP laid down its sword and bowed in submission to Oracle long ago, in essence asking for mercy and pledging penance; in return, Oracle has attacked, thirsty for more blood, and chosen to humiliate SAP even more. (Even going after SAP's former CEOwith some bizarre methods.)

In that way, Thomas is right: SAP has been lucky. Now they pay their penalty, and everybody can move on from this case. Which is good timing, because they have plenty to focus on -- new leadership, a new acquisition in Sybase, and plenty of plans to move forward on, from mobile strategy to sustainability to the further development of the SAP BusinessObjects roadmap.

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William Newman

9/25/2013 8:49:34 PM

Confused by reports now LE claiming $4B US in damages caused by SAP "malfeasance." I don't think any amount of money will make that man happy.