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Three SAP applications I wish we had for Thanksgiving Day travel

by Scott Wallask

November 23, 2010

By Scott Wallask, SAP Experts

Thanksgiving in the United States is all about turkey and travel. SAP probably can’t help you cook your bird better, but for those of you heading to an airport, you might be interested in three tongue-in-cheek SAP solutions that will make your journey more pleasant:

  • Full Body Scan (FUBS) configurator: This function would allow you to automatically lodge a complaint through your enterprise’s SAP ERP HCM Legal Reporting if you feel the new full body scan equipment has violated your privacy.
  • Airport Dining Assistant: Sold as a third-party, SAP-approved application by Zagat, this software would use Xcelsius to create dashboards to measure performance at airport restaurants and shops. To help make those last-minute food choices, the dining assistant would be part of SAP and Sybase’s mobile solutions.
  • Luggage Dispatching Management: Using the logic embedded in SAP SCM features, this software would track the whereabouts of suitcases from departure curbside to destination baggage claim, all the while improving efficiencies in neatly repacking searched items and determining the most beneficial ways to carelessly t oss carefully place customers’ luggage into the planes.

Enjoy your trip.

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Jacquelyn Howard

9/25/2013 8:50:22 PM

Sounds good to me!