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An updated look at the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

October 6, 2010

The latest issue of SAPinsider is now online, and included is an article about the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. Based on the title -- How Well Do You Know the SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio? -- you might assume it simply lays out new terminology, or an updated roadmap.

While those are elements of the article, it also does a good job explaining how the pieces of the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio relate to one another. It's been a difficult transition in the SAP space to keep up with what's considered "BusinessObjects" and what isn't -- especially for those of us who focus on solutions that aren't BI-related, such as GRC or EPM. 

If you specialize in any of the areas, most of the functionality will be more of a refresher, but learning about the relationship between the different elements is helpful. I found the graphic at the bottom particularly useful in visualizing how the products are intended to work together, and thus what each is expected to accomplish in its own right.

And for those of you who want to dig down more into terminology, check out this 2009 Project Expert article (if you are a subscriber). All the terms might not be fully up to date, but it's a good companion to the SAPinsider piece.

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