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Aware Mobile Applications

by Kevin Benedict

October 14, 2010

I am very interested in mobile enterprise applications becoming smarter and more aware.  Mobile applications should begin to understand our needs and start doing more things for us automatically.  Here are several ways mobile applications can become smarter.  Make them:

  • Geospatially aware
  • Business aware
  • Environmentally aware

Geospatially aware:

Business aware:  The mobile application should check to see if there are any open customer service issues when it sees a meeting with the customer on your calendar.  Let them know if there are outstanding invoices, delayed shipments or orders pending.  The mobile application should be aware that these are important data points for the sales or service teams.

Environmentally aware:  Here are some examples weather, health, family schedule, travel plans, sitting, standing, exercising, heart rate, sugar level, body temperature, time of day.  For the most part, these are simply data points.  This data can be used to suggest and recommend things.

All of this information, with an increasing number of sensors on or in your smartphone, person and environment, integrated with business analytic applications and other "aware" solutions suggest a very interesting future.

I noted the other day that ClickSoftware is integrating an increasing number of these features into the SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization solution for the service sector.

Come see me at TechEd Las Vegas and let's brainstorm!

Here is a video comment that I recorded last week and posted to the SAP Mentor channel on this subject.

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