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Hot topics and trends at the Projects and Reporting 2010 events: The view from the WIS Publishing booth

by Lucy Swedberg

October 27, 2010

by Lucy Swedberg, Group Editor, SAPinsider & insiderPROFILES

It's almost reception time on Day 1 here at the SAPinsider Projects 2010 and Reporting, Planning, and Analysis 2010 conferences in Orlando, Florida, and the Solutions Showcase has been buzzing with great conversation, great questions...and, of course, the click-click-click-click of our WIS Publishing prize wheel.


The most popular prizes seem to be the $5 off coupon for any SAP PRESS book, as well as the Insider Learning Network t-shirt. It never ceases to amaze me how popular good ol' t-shirts can be!

As for content, I've picked up on some general trends and hot topics (in no particular order):

1. BPC continues to be a hot topic; lots of attendees are interested to learn more about the solution and how to plan for its successful implementation.

2. Report presentation is a big topic, too; folks understand that their SAP systems are brimming with valuable information about their business, but they want to learn how to export, format, and present that information in a more user-friendly way.

3. Lots of attendees are considering (or have already kicked off) SAP BusinessObjects solution implementations, and they want to know how best to integrate the new functionality with the SAP systems they already have in place.

4. I've had several great conversations with core SAP ERP 6.0 users, who are looking to use and maximize the functionality they have available to them in this powerful solution. Lots of SD, WM, PS, and CS (this one was a surprise to me) questions so far.

5. SAP Solution Manager remains a hot topic, as well. Attendees seem to know they should be using it, but they're looking for more information on what exactly it offers, and how they should optimize its use in their organization.

We'll see if tomorrow's conversations trend along similar lines. For now, I've got to go spin that prize wheel!

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Sarah Cenedella

9/25/2013 8:49:09 PM

Let's test out that power of the t-shirt. I'll send one to the first Insider Learning Network Member to post below :)