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How does your marketing compare to young-at-heart campaigns by SAP and Kraft?

by Scott Wallask

October 7, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

SAP and Kraft Foods caught my attention this week with video marketing pushes that are different, energetic, and—perhaps mostly importantly— youthful.

What’s that, you say? SAP appealing to the young? Yes—check it out yourself with their new “running better on SAP” commercial.

There’s nothing goofy, nerdy, or even technical about the commercial. Instead, it rocks out and is fun, with guitars, football, and a girl dancing. The commercial drives its point home hard, even if it’s unstated: Cool companies use SAP. What a simple, effective thought to use as a marketing hook.

And if people don’t have a clue what SAP is, after this commercial, I bet a few of them go online to find out.

Meanwhile, Kraft injects a healthy dose of mom-themed humor into its latest online offering, “You Gotta LOL.” It showcases short performances by mother-turned-comedian Anita Renfroe, and although there are mentions of Kraft products by Renfroe, the bigger theme isn’t about purchases, but rather laughing about a mom’s everyday life raising children.

Again, there’s a youthful appeal to the campaign. SAP and Kraft both recognize that they need young customers to keep their coffers full over the long haul.

Is your company pointed in the same marketing direction as SAP and Kraft? Maybe you can’t post online comedy skits or present your product with guitars cranking in the background, but innovation comes in many forms. If your company has done something cool with its marketing, get the word out by letting us know.

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