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Insight into Event Insight: The newest product from SAP BusinessObjects

by Sarah Cenedella

October 29, 2010

SAP BusinessObjects hosted a special live Innovation Center at SAPinsider's Reporting, Planning, and Analysis conference. This one-day event offered attendee a chance to get details on the latest innovations from SAP BusinessObjects, from HANA and Advanced Analysis to Data Services 4.0 and BI OnDemand. I sat in on the session on Event Insight, SAP's first complex event processing engine. It's a brand new product in the portfolio that tracks events in real-time so companies can react immediately. 

Presented by Jason Rose, who heads up the BI Solution Marketing team at SAP, this session touched on the key features and benefits of this new offering. Here are the highlights:

- SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight falls under the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Information Management group of products, but have a heavy BI feel to it and ties in with your BI initiatives.

- It allows companies to track “events” and patterns of events from Web sites, core systems, and outside sources so that they can measure and understand the business impact, and react to them in real-time.

- “Event” data travels through three layers: First, the data is aggregated in what SAP calls “the intelligent event network,” which contains plug-in appliances that processes the events. Next, it goes into a data processing layer to model trends. Finally, business users are ale rted through dashboards. Event Insight integrates with Xcelsius 4.0 to provide the real-time visual results.

- The three main components on Event Insight are:

            1. Complex Event Processing (CEP), which identifies complex event patterns and conditions, computes operations and KPIs, and process the information (according to Rose at 500K records/second).

            2. The Intelligent Event Grid, which automates the integration of events, distributes processes across a number of event sources, and automated information routing for high availability.

            3. Event Semantics and BI, which visually models event semantics, combines events with business data, and routes the data to BI solutions for consumption.

- An example of Event Insight at work: Rose gave a few examples of how one could apply Event Insight. One is a real story of an oil and gas company already testing out this product. The company has sensors on the oil rigs that continuously track the pressure and temperature of the raw material. If these fluctuate to a certain degree, that triggers alerts and helps the plant adjust the recipe for refinement.

- Another example is that of a financial institution that can use Event Insight to track a sequence of events: Customer changes their address, then opens a new bank account, then gets a new credit card. Once these events are triggered, the account rep is notified and can take an action, like up-sell the m into a bigger account.

- SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight will go into Ramp Up at the end of November or early December of this year, along with the rest of the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 solutions.

SAP doesn't have a Web page for this product up yet, but I did find this presentation that can shed a little more light and offers some graphics illustrating of how it works.

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